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what's your fit


What's your fit?

We want to define what fit means to you and how it effects your life. Many times we often think fit is the size of our pants or the number on a scale. Fit is not just a number, it is a mentality of how you choose to live your life and we want to help you define YOUR fit. The word fit can sometimes bring a scary or judgmental connotation. We at FitFit want to change that mentality and so we embarked on a journey to do just that.

Joy Torres, our founder, has traveled back and forth to Brazil for the last two years seeking a solution, to not only make women feel good in the clothes they choose to put on their body, but to also empower women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds. She wanted to create a product that could not only make a woman feel comfortable, but also a quality product that can withstand a multitude of activities.

So, we want to know, what is your fit?! Maybe you have never thought of the word “Fit” as having such a deep or profound impact on your life. But fit is not just in the physical sense, it is also in the mental sense. How we define who we are, is our fit.

Fit to us is having fun! It is Endurance, Flexibility, Balance, and Beauty. Learn more about what fit means to us and how you can define what fit means to YOU….


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