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​Should You Build Muscle During Pregnancy? Yes, and Here’s How.

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Up until recently you may have followed a strict fitness routine. But now you are pregnant and you know you can’t keep the same pace as you did before. But slowing down doesn’t have to mean stopping. Great news for those who wish to continue building muscle well into their pregnancy. As long as the training is done within the safety parameters and you consult your healthcare practitioner, there are many health benefits to sticking to a fitness regime.

Some Great Lifestyle Tips to Follow

The word “diet” is not always the best choice of words as it denotes restricting calories. Not always the best lifestyle option, especially during pregnancy. When you don’t take in enough calories in the right frequency, it might do the opposite of building muscle as your metabolism will slow down. In order to keep to a healthy routine to feed those muscles, balance is important. The following tips should help.

  • It’s far more important to get in the right amount of nutrients than simply counting calories. Although overeating will not be helpful either, it’s important for expecting moms to pay attention to their food requirements. Instead of empty calories such as fast foods and unhealthy snacks, there are far better things to fill up on. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always great options before and during pregnancy, but expectant moms should also stock up on foods rich in protein, calcium, and folic acid. Without the right food, building muscle is near impossible.
  • Pregnancy is the ideal time to sort out bad habits that could deter muscle building. These include consuming alcohol and smoking.
  • Get enough sleep. Not only is it important for fetal development, it is also crucial for effective exercise. This is because fatigued muscles struggle with oxygen and there is also the increased risk of injury.

Safe Exercise Routines for Bigger Muscles

There are a number of great exercises out there, but not all of them are safe during pregnancy. To incorporate a great routine, it’s important to know the basics of proper pregnancy fitness.

  • Know the safe positions during pregnancy. This includes training where participants are required to lie on their backs after the first trimester. Other routines that should be avoided include those that involve twisting the abdomen and where the risk of raising the body temperature gets too high.
  • Weight training is incredible during pregnancy, however, it is important to get the routines down with a fitness trainer who specializes in maternity cases. There is the chance you may need to drop to lower weights.

Pregnancy is the ideal time to take control of fitness and healthy eating habits and should never be at the risk of the baby’s safety. Instead, focus on being healthy and strong within the safety parameters. Look out for warning signs like dizziness and fainting and change up strenuous routines. Most of all, have fun and enjoy every step of pregnancy. - Jane Sandwood


Jane is a former gym owner, a mother of two, and a new Content Manager for an up and coming muscle building site.

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