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Mindfulness in May

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It’s spring time! The weather is good, flowers are in bloom, skies are clear, and life is full of infinite possibilities. Tis’ the season of spring cleaning, setting intentions, and practicing mindfulness. It’s a special time of year when things seem to slow down a bit, we stop to enjoy nature around us, appreciating our relationships and our blessings. We plan our long awaited summer vacations and delve deep into our personal yoga and meditation practice. We celebrate the long days of sunshine and early morning sunrises. It’s the time of year to welcome all the wonders of life and surrender to the sweetest of moments.

Let us be mindful in every action we involve ourselves in. Savoring every day of this beautiful season of abundance and self-discovery, allowing the space and open mindedness to become aware of our tendencies to rush, scurry about, complain, whine, judge, and slowly let the magic of life slip through our fingers. I understand that it sometimes feels as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day, but this isn’t so. We chose what we put our energy into and how we spend our time. Perhaps you set an intention to be more mindful in your commute to and from work. Finding joy in being alone in your car, listen to a new pod cast or jamming your favorite band with the windows down and breeze in your hair. If you’re the type of person that rushes out the door every morning and you never cease to leave something behind, take an extra 10-15 minutes for a short morning meditation and take your time preparing for your day. Mornings are your time, treasure them. Stop the mind chatter and the self-judgement and fall back in love with your life. Each day is a sacred gift.

May is a month for Mindfulness, self-love, and building new positive habits as we cultivate a deep sense of self-awareness and joy for life. Now is the time to stop telling yourself you’re too busy to make the time you need. There is time in every day to stop, breathe, enjoy, and revel in the beauty within and around you. Life is too short for the hustle and bustle all day every day. Revel in the small moments, the in-between, the subtle happy moments we stumble across each day. If you don’t open your mind up to them, they’ll fly by and you won’t even notice.

Be mindful in your movements, your breath, the words you share with other people and especially the ones you speak to yourself. Be kind, be thoughtful, be bold. As spring time unfolds, as do we. Take this time to live with intention and to be the most radiant version of yourself that you can. Go forth and be bright my yogis, shine on. -- Zuzu Perkal

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