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Keep Calm & Travel

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Traveling, it’s the best, right? Nothing compares to it. And the truth is, we all need a little

more travel in our lives. It’s difficult to pick out what it is exactly that is about traveling

that impacts us so deeply. Adventures are momentous to our growth and enlivening to

our spirit. Is it the time away from work? The alone time with our lovers or children or

ourselves? Is it the adventure of exploring new territory? The excitement of meeting

new people?

Perhaps it’s not a specific instance or experience while traveling that makes it so

impactful. Sometimes it’s a mixture of all of it, but often it’s the ever so brief quiet

moments that our brain shuts off, our breathing slows, and we have a wonderful thought

or epiphany about our life. These thoughts don’t show up a daily basis, our mind’s are

like a ball of wires constantly buzzing and transferring information in and out. When we

travel we’re more relaxed, more at ease, and have the ability to think and act in a

different way than our “usual”.

Being on the road gives us time to think while our senses are stimulated by new

beautiful surroundings. Maybe it’s in the in-between moments along with the special

people you meet in a new place, or the delicious food you ate, or perhaps the fleeting

moments of absolute wholeness you experience in between all the business of travel.

We experience the most vibrant and rich colors and the most creative shapes and

layers of natural design. The interactions we experience serve as a reminder of the

innate beauty that resides in everything. It’s a wake up call to get off our cell phones,

laptops, and social media accounts. It’s time to step away from our ego and our habitual

state and continue down a more spiritual path, a more enlightened and connected way

of living.

It can be a stunning sunset before everyone else is awake, an animal sighting that

reminds you of the whimsical nature of everything around us, a sky full of puffy white

clouds that reminds you of being a kid, or maybe it’s the stillness found under the stars.

I can’t even begin to imagine what the truly “special moments” are while traveling for

each of you. For me it’s always when the clutter of the mind stills, the chaos of life

around slows, and after a deep breath in and out, a moment of utter joy arises.

The point is, we all need some time off. We all need to disconnect in order to truly

reconnect. Make time to travel and go on adventures. Whatever and wherever is calling

you… go!

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