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On injury, and recovery

I haven't been this lost in a while. At least this time I know where I went wrong. I let go of yoga. I let go of my practice. I let my injury rob me of my entire practice. I let my injury define my practice and tricked myself into believing I was lost. I am not [...]

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Product Review :: Date Palm Brown Sugar Body Scrub

I just love my new skin rejuvenator body scrub made by Great American Clay.This small jar of natural ingredients is my newest addition to my shower and bath collection. It smells delightful and leaves my skin smooth and feeling fresh. The grain crystals remove dead cells while the essential oils moisturize, it's the best of both worlds! [...]

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Social Media Yogi

Oh yes, I’m going to talk about it. Social media yoga. What’s the deal with it? Why has there been a spike in asana on social media? What’s the point in posting photos or videos of your practice? What would Patanjali, Yogananda, or Iyengar have to say about it?When I first started practicing yoga more [...]

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Spring Equinox 101

 Image by Tom Merton/Stone/Getty ImagesSo. It’s Spring! What is the significance here?To Monika Carless, spring means New Beginnings:That’s what spring is all about. The triumph of light, planting new seeds both physically and metaphorically. Planning new adventures, stepping out in faith for dreams that make us yearn for the unknown, the new, the unchartered in our life.There may be new relationships, [...]

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On the roles of a yoga teacher

"Move in ways that feel authentic in your body. This is your practice; you are your own best teacher. Move with your breath, even if that's faster or slower than my cues."I try to say things like this at the beginning of every yoga class I teach. I think it's really important as a teacher [...]

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5 Ways to Decompress from SXSW 2017

South by Southwest is one of the largest attractions of tourists into Austin, TX. With400k+ visitors, hundreds of bands, live activations, parties, and events comes a wild 19 days. Whether you work your normal job during SXSW and have to face the extreme traffic or you play in a band in venues peppered across the [...]

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Girl Squad

With International Women’s Day just passing, womens marches happening everywhere, and my blossoming group of lady friends as of late, I’m loving how much girl power I’m witnessing! Until recently, I had always deemed myself a “guy’s girl” instead of a “girly girl”. I prided myself on the lack of female friends I had in [...]

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Originally published by Glad Magazine on 2/28/16 by Neil Ferguson.Well, it’s that time again, the time of year some of us Austinites cherish and others loathe so deeply that they simply leave town. Yup, South By Southwest (SXSW) is upon us and there’s nothing you can do about it. For many residents of Austin, the week of SXSW inspires the kind of dread [...]

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The Juicy Truth About Austin, TX

It's my juicy truth that Austin, TX is the best dang city in our country and if you've lived here or even just visited, you'll understand why. There's a magic in the air that can't be denied. Check out a few truths about the ATX that you may not have known.1. Southern hospitality is real.2. [...]

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Leftovers for Breakfast

I love breakfast. A lot. Probably more than any other meal. I love the smells, I love the flavors, the ingredients...everything about it. You can have anything from sweet and fruity, to savory and spicy. Another thing I love about breakfast is that you can often times use any leftovers from dinner the night before [...]

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