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Mindfulness in May

It’s spring time! The weather is good, flowers are in bloom, skies are clear, and life is full of infinite possibilities. Tis’ the season of spring cleaning, setting intentions, and practicing mindfulness. It’s a special time of year when things seem to slow down a bit, we stop to enjoy nature around us, appreciating our [...]

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Hair Care 101

When it comes to hair treatments, I feel like I’ve done almost all of it. I’ve bleached it, dyed it, straightened it, curled it, and styled it with a bunch of chemical-filled products. Ick! I’ve been in hair recovery mode for about six years now, and I’m happy to report a healthy head of hair [...]

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Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

Originally posted as "17 Ways Moms Fit in Exercise" by Christine Yu.Picture: Tumble Gym1. First Things FirstWork out before the day gets away from you. “If I waited until after work, I’d never get my workout in. There are just too many activities and commitments that come up,” says Angela Bekkala, clinical exercise specialist, mom of [...]

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Yoga for Sleep

If you are anything like me, you have a hard time shutting your brain down at night to get restful sleep. Here are a few simple moves to do before bed to help quiet your body and your mind.Reclined bound angle poseCome to lying on your back, soles of feet touching, knees open wide. [...]

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​Creating Patterns

"Light Work" by Autumn Skye MorrisonAs long as I can remember, I’ve loved patterns. Sequences. Finding the repetition or synchronicities as the patterns reveal themselves. I loved listening to music, finding the rhythm through the melody or beat, and then being surprised when the artist would switch things up by putting an added sound or swing [...]

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​No Coffee Until Daily Meditation

I’ve spent years trying to build a consistent meditation practice. I’ve practiced in all kinds of places and tried all different techniques. What works for me may not be what works for everyone. Beyond discovering what methods work best; candle gazing, guided meditation, sound healing, sitting in silence, etc, there’s the challenge of staying consistent. [...]

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5 Ways to Re-Inspire Your Creative Spark

Creativity is everywhere and is within everyone. Whether you're a fine artist, a hair stylist, a dancer, an accountant, or a pilot; YOU ARE CREATIVE. Every avenue of life requires creativity, it just doesn't always look the same. As I know this to be true in the marrow of my bones, I have a distinct [...]

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Earth Day Every Day

The birds are chirping, flowers blooming, and everything seems to be turning green right before our eyes. I LOVE spring time! It’s a time of rebirth, cleansing, and renewal. All around us are signs of life. No wonder we chose to create a holiday to celebrate the earth! But what if everyday was earth day?While [...]

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Easter and Passover Healthy Recipes

Find these and other recipes at Dasha Wellness.1. Sweet Potato and Matzo Kugel We love this kugel recipe from vegetarian.about.com. Unlike traditional kugel recipes, this one does not contain eggs and is therefore cholesterol-free and lower in fat, but when eating this savory sweet perfection, we guarantee you won’t even notice!Ingredients 6 small sweet potatoes, peeled and [...]

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Mindful Eating for Easter

Article originally published as “7 Tips for Mindful Eating at Easter" by Rachel Eagleton on 3/23/16.Easter can be a tough time for those on a self-imposed ‘diet’ or without support for a disordered eating condition. Rachel’s top tips for enjoying Easter mindfully with your family and friends so that you can manage your weight, energy levels and mood:1. Choose good [...]

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