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10 fun, safe ways to stay fit throughout your pregnancy!

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Upper Body:

1. Modified Push Ups- Start on all fours in the tabletop position. Isolate and lower only your upper body. This is a great way to maintain some upper body strength even as your belly grows!

2. Tricep Dips- Perfect way to work your tris without having to lift heavy weights over your head! I prefer them on the floor, but using a chair is another popular way to do them.

3. Bicep Curls- Speaking of weights, they aren’t off limits, ladies! I used my dumbbells just about everyday! I like doing 3 sets of 10 (each side) and usually use 15 lb dumbbells. Recommendation: Start off light! 5 or 10 lbs is great! Don’t have weights? Find something around the house (ex: candlestick, milk jug, etc.) or invest in pair. You can find them relatively cheap at places like Target or Amazon.

Lower Body:

4. Walking Lunge- shoot for 3 sets of 20-30 reps (10-15 on each side).

5. Squat- I cannot get enough! It’s suggested that 300 squats a day will drastically help your labor and delivery. For more information on the benefits of squatting while pregnant, check out my previous blog post here.

6. Fire hydrant- I love this exercise! It really targets the thighs. Not to mention, being on all fours takes pressure away from core and reduces back pain during late pregnancy (and even labor!).

7. Fire Hydrant In/Out- Who says you can’t have a toned butt while pregnant?! The in/out version of the fire hydrant is a great exercise to target and lift the booty, while also working your core in a safe way!

8. Side Planks- Modify if it’s more comfortable, but the side plank is one of my favorite exercises. It will strengthen your muscles, without hurting baby, and really help to reduce your risk for lower back pain throughout your pregnancy. 60 seconds on each side is a great goal- but if you aren’t quite there, shoot for 30!

Total Body:

9. Cardio- Don’t be afraid of cardiovascular exercise while pregnant! Of course, if you are new to exercise, start off slow. Walking is great! But, if you were active before getting pregnant, finding out there is a bun in the oven is no reason to stop!

10. Yoga- Seek out a local yoga class! The benefits to prenatal yoga are endless- but, to name a few, it helps to develop strength, aids in your diminshing balance, relieves tension, increases circulation, and helps to prepare you for labor. Don’t have or can’t afford a local yoga studio? Try my favorite prenatal yoga DVD, designed just for expecting moms, here.

Enjoy your workout, mama!

Written by Lindsey Mac of Lindsey Mac Fitness: Toned After Twins

*Always seek the advice of your doctor or medical professional before attempting physical exercise while pregnant.

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