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​Five Go-To Cures for Insomnia

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No one should go through life being a sleepy cranky person, but so many of us do. An

amazing 30-40% of adults claim to experience insomnia on occasion. Lack of sleep

and unhealthy sleep/wake cycles at night can lead to a whole slew of issues the

following day, including low energy, high stress levels and crankiness (to name a few).

The good news is that there are several natural cures for insomnia—elements that have

nothing to do with over-the- counter sleeping aids and everything to do with attempting

to regulate sleep patterns using a few key tricks. Try one or two of the below, and find

out what works for you.

1. Lavender oil. This fragrant essential oil has long been proven to relieve anxiety and

insomnia by encouraging ‘slow-wave sleep’, which is when we’re in deep slumber and

the heart slows and our muscles relax. Even better: Many people find that lavender oil

helps them sleep better, yes, but also that they wake up more energized, too. Place a

few drops of on a cloth under your pillow or in your bath before bed—or try a lavender

sleep mask. Chamomile also works well, too.

2. Yoga nidra. Known as “yogic sleep”, yoga nidra can help you fall asleep—and stay

asleep through the night. While listening to a guided meditation that encourages the

body to fully relax, you’ll find yourself in a sleep-like state (or fully asleep). While you

may not fall completely asleep during a yoga nidra session, you’ll be incredibly relaxed

and ready for bed. Sometimes it is necessary to wind down after a long day before

hopping into bed.

3. Disconnection. Sometimes retraining the brain can ease our sleep cycle and help us

create healthier habits. Disconnect from all electronics one hour before bedtime, and

allow yourself a little quiet time before putting your head to the pillow. Read a book,

write in your journal, sit outside under the stars, take a bath, or do a little yoga before


4. Acupuncture. One of the oldest forms of healing practices, this traditional Chinese

medicine works with the meridians of the body to create energetic balance. It is said that

acupuncture can remove blockages so the brain “knows” it is time for sleep. The

practice also helps release sleepy chemicals to the brain.

5. Milk and cookies. Exciting, eh? The carbohydrates in the cookie will help produce

tryptophan, an amino acid that produces serotonin, which, in turn, is used to make

melatonin (the sleep/wake cycle controller). The warm glass of milk also contributes to

the tryptophan-producing while also warming the tummy, and preparing the body for a

wonderful nights sleep.

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